In-play Betting Explained - A Beginner’s Guide to Gambling

Live betting is the most exciting and intense way to bet on sports and all modern bookmakers provide their punters with this opportunity. Players have the chance to bet in-play on most of the sports and the number of markets generally mirrors those available pregame. Popular sports, such as football and tennis usually enjoy better coverage, but even niche sports provide decent live betting options.

How does In-play Betting Work?

Punters can bet on upcoming matches and the odds offered by bookmakers before the events start. Once the games are underway, it is possible to bet on the winner, as well as many other betting markets in real-time. The odds change often, based on what happens on the pitch and punters can react to these changes to seize fleeting opportunities. One can bet on the next football team to score, the resultsat half time and even special events such as yellow cards, corner kicks and the total number of goals. The betting markets differ greatly when betting on tennis, hockey, basketball or other sports, but the mechanics are the same.

Is Live Betting Worth the Trouble?

First and foremost, live betting is so popular because of the immediate gratification it offers. Punters can bet on the next event and claim their winnings in a matter of minutes or less, rather than waiting for the end of the game. The odds change often and savvy players can take advantage of the value they hold, so live betting rewards experience and a keen eye for details. Virtually any change will influence the odds, so if you pay attention to the game you can make accurate predictions and cash on them.

Live betting is also immensely entertaining and most casual punters prefer it to traditional gambling. Those who don’t bet regularly will frequently wager on the game they watch, just to make it more exciting. In addition to being fun, in-play betting also grants players far more flexibility, by allowing them to change their minds. It is a great way to hedge against the risks, by placing seemingly divergent bets to mitigate the risks of losing the standing wager.

How important is live streaming?

Casual and veteran punters would agree that in-play betting and live streaming go hand-in-hand. Most bookmakers allow their members to watch the games as they unfold straight on their websites. They only require a funded account to take a glance at the games that are underway and decide if it is worth betting on them or not. The betting limits are the same for pregame and live wagering, so punters can gamble within their bankroll and stick to their grand strategy.

Niche sports and obscure events enjoy less coverage and most bookmakers only offer static information about these matches. No matter how comprehensive these details are, they can’t substitute a live stream which allows players to see what’s happening with their own eyes. The upside of watching a live broadcast is that you can make an educated decision based on your own assessment of the situation.

Useful In-play Betting Tools

The live stream is itself an invaluable instrument when betting in-play, as mentioned above. There are, however, other betting tools that players can use to maximize the returns of live bets. The “Cash Out” feature is a shining example of an instrument that directly benefits both casual and recreational punters. The name speaks for itself, as players are given the option of taking their winnings before the final whistle, hence avoid the heartbreak of an unfavorable last-minute event.

Modern bookmakers have incorporated the “cash out” feature in their live betting module, but not all of them offer favorable terms. The obvious trade-offs that players must accept when taking profits early, is that they will only receive a fraction of the potential winnings. Sports books make the offer based on the current score, the flow of the game, but also factor in many other, more subtle elements. It is up to the players to decide if the “cash out” value is high enough, or if it’s worth waiting for the end of the match.

The Bottom Line

In-play betting has transformed the sports wagering experience and it continues to appeal to recreational and veteran punters alike. It has the merit of making sports betting more exciting, by getting punters fully immersed into the matches there watching. Done properly, it can make sports betting more profitable, as it allows players to seize the fleeting opportunities provided by shifting odds. Useful in-play betting tools, such as the “cash out” feature keep players in control and avoid last-minute drama. The only downside is that live betting is a time-consuming process, as punters are tempted to watch the games as they unfold.